We are testing out different nuc boxes for our bees in preparation to start selling them in 2020. So far we have the Pro Nuc plastic tote like box, the Jester EZ-Nuc corrugated plastic nuc and some homemade wooden ones. I have mixed thoughts on all of them but the Pro Nuc does seem to be the easiest to setup as there is no assembly.

This is a picture of our hives in May 2019. The bees are busy collecting honey and we are working on splitting the hives as the size increases. The Pro Nucs are the small brown and yellow boxes, the Jester EZ-Nucs are the small white boxes next to them. There is a row of blue wooden nucs on the right.

Don’t mind the broken fence in the background. A deer jumped over it last year knocking off the top board, now it’s easier for the deer to come and go.