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Regarding bees:

  • We do not ship bees, pickup will be at our farm in Hogeye, Arkansas.
  • Pickup will be early in the morning or late in the evening to allow you to get home without the bees overheating.
  • Bees need installed in a larger hive body the same day or next day.
  • If not able to install immediately place the nuc in the same spot or even on top of the hive to be installed and open the entrance. If you pickup in the evening open the entrance and wait till the next day to install, do not install at night.
  • This is a good place for information on how to install a nuc.
  • Click here for information on how to care for your nuc.
  • One of those general liability statements: Honeybees can sting. Stings may cause an allergic reaction. Hogeye Honey is not liable for any harm due to keeping honeybees. Proceed at your own risk.